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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Brittany Poyer: Health and Fitness as a Way of Life

Working closely with top-ranked hospitals is a draw for students

Brittany Poyer

​For Brittany Poyer, a senior in the BS program, health and fitness has always been an area of interest and a way of life.  Before coming to the College of Nursing, Poyer completed a bachelor’s in integrative physiology at CU Boulder and al​so worked as a medical assistant for a dermatology office.  After spending two years volunteering in different healthcare areas and applying to physical therapy, physician’s assistant and chiropractic school, Poyer decided on the College of Nursing. 

“I finally found my calling of being a nurse after digging deep into the core of what I love most about medicine, and that is, spending a lot of time with patients, listening, educating and sharing my passion of helping people live their best life.”

Poyer is also very active on campus.  She is president of student council, works the front desk for the College of Nursing and is an indoor cycling instructor at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center. 

"As Student Council president, my goal is to promote positivity, encourage students to participate in student community events, provide outreach opportunities and increase involvement among the college all while allowing students to feel empowered and make the best of their time spent here!"

“Working at the front desk allows me to see some of the behind the scenes work involved in admissions and keeps me personally involved in the program, aside from class time.” 

She continues, “I feel very fortunate to be a student on this campus and have such amazing resources and work so closely with top hospitals like Children’s and University.  The time we spend in the clinical setting allows me to apply what I’ve learned in lecture into actual practice and it is those times when I am reminded time and time again of how excited I am to be a nurse.”​