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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Clinical Simulation

Required Course Documents


If your course requires additional preparation or reading prior to simulation, it will be listed and available below. Please read, review and understand presented content. These resources are provided to assist in your preparation. You are not required to bring them with you to simulation except for Public Health Nursing simulation.

The two main competencies we are looking for throughout this experience are professionalism and patient safety. If you are professional and safe, the rest we will teach you along the way. Please review the Simulation CPE for the outlined expected competencies. You can refer to your course syllabus for consequences related to the unsuccessful completion of a professional and safe clinical simulation experience.

NURS 3001: Health Assessment
NURS 3307: Nursing Care: Childbearing Family
NURS 3407: Nursing Care: Child/Adolescent
NURS 3999: Adult & Elder Nursing Care
NURS 4097: Adults & Complex Nursing Care
NURS 4128: Senior Integrated Practicum
NURS 4207: Public Health