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Patient Health Educator (PHE ) Program Director


PHE Department


Salud family health centers

Educational Requirements

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License Requirements

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The PHE Program Director plays an integral role in the organization’s PCMH success by strategically positioning the PHE Department to provide outstanding patient-focused, personal health management education to a diverse patient population using a range of proven methodologies.  Has experience in the practice of the train-the-trainer model and motivational interviewing.  Has an easy-communicative style and interacts effectively with the assorted SALUD departments throughout the nine-clinic system, and conveys PHE department activities to appropriate leadership on a routine basis. 


Supervision Received:  Directly supervised by the Executive VP of Medical Services

Supervision Exercised:  Directly supervises all PHE department staff. 
Essential Duties:  This list does not include all necessary dynamic duties.
  • Drives the development, the training and curriculums that provide PHE staff with evolving, crucial tools for personal growth and the general success of SALUD patient-focused health education.
  • Maintains clinically current knowledge and respond to needs and questions posed by PHE staff; not already taught in the intensive initial training or in subsequent bi-monthly routine boosters.
  • Skillfully manages an academically, as well as empirically diverse department. 
  • Provides timely information; communicates context for business decisions; recognizes accomplishments; fosters teamwork and collaboration.
  • Maintains a positive open demeanor and encourages different points of view, moves team forward through change.
  • Facilitates empowerment of the PHE staff to make safety first judgment calls, knowledge of the critical thinking basics and take action.  
  • Identifies individual strengths and talents within the PHE team and facilitates the ‘discovery’ of their distinct, natural leadership role within the department.
  • Re-evaluates short- and long-term objectives, goals and strategies for the department every 6 – 12 months. 
  • Assists in defining data reporting requirements that measure key internal metrics that directly correlate to SALUD success.
Qualifications for Appointment:
Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) and a BS in a health and/or education related field required. Registered Nurse (RN) and expertise in group management and public speaking is preferred. A self-motivated, autonomous and experienced negotiator essential.

FLSA Code:
Exempt position
To Apply:
It is required to submit an online application at
This job description is not intended to an inclusive list of all duties, responsibilities, or qualifications associated with this position. 

Job Contact

It is required to submit an online application at

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