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impactORS: Research Stories

College of Nursing Research Making Strong Impact

Faculty members at the College of Nursing Office of Research and Scholarship work constantly to improve patient care and advance the nursing profession. Read their stories below.


Study evaluates medical foster homes as alternative to nursing homes

Jacqueline Jones, PhD, RN, is on a mission to help older veterans "stay in place." Stemming from personal and professional convictions, her study on nursing homes supports her belief that veterans should be able to be in a place that feels like home.


Understanding sleep disturbances in veterans with traumatic brain injury

When Ellyn Matthews, RN, PhD, was an oncology nurse in a cancer center back east in the late 90s, she noticed how many patients were suffering from sleep disturbances. Since then, Matthews has devoted much of her research to understanding how sleep problems affect various populations, and most recently with veterans.


Research targets obesity in its incubators: pregnant women

The first thing you notice when you meet Teri Hernandez, PhD, RN, is her energy—energy that infuses her pedagogy as well as her scholarship. And Hernandez, assistant professor of medicine and nursing, commits her research energy to a critical U.S. health care issue: obesity.

Dan Cline, PhD 

Investigating Colorado's Rural Health Care for the Elderly

Coming from New York state with experience in geriatrics and rural health, Dan Cline, PhD, is intently focused on investigating and improving health care of older adults residing in local communities here in the state of Colorado.

Nursing BS 

WIN Conference Excites Students About Research

A record-breaking 16 students gave presentations at the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) Conference in April of 2012. WIN provides an opportunity for students, researchers and practitioners to present and hear the latest research within the nursing discipline.

Nursing BS 

Geriatric Researcher Advocates Physical Activity in Aging

Catherine Jankowski, PhD, FACSM, has conducted 13 years of research that investigates the connection between exercise and positive health outcomes for the elderly.

Nursing BS 

What Influences Quality of Dying?

Dean Thompson and her research team investigate what factors contribute to quality end-of-life care.

Nursing BS 

Motivational Interviewing and Medication Adherence

Paul Cook, PhD, licensed psychologist, and researchers are conducting a multi-site randomized controlled trial of motivational interviewing for glaucoma adherence. 

Nursing BS 

Headache Hassles: Can Massage Therapy Reduce Frequency of Tension Headaches?

Albert Moraska, PhD, conducts a three-year study funded by the National Institutes of Health that asks the question: Will a reduction in myofascial trigger point pain result in a reduction in tension headache pain?

Nursing BS 

A Breath of Fresh Air: Pulmonary Function and System Management

Professor Paula Meek, PhD, RN, FAAN, understands the value of interdisciplinary collaboration.  Along with colleagues from the CU School of Medicine, Meek looks at pulmonary function as it pertains to chronic medical conditions. 

Nursing BS 

There's an App for That

Paul Cook, PhD, licensed psychologist, is using iPhone and Android technology to conduct a study that aims to discover which daily life experiences impede people from taking their medication as prescribed.

Nursing BS 

Doctoral Project Helps Seniors Clinic Increase Medication Reconciliation

DNP student addresses the real problem of exactly what prescribed and over-the-counter medications seniors are taking and how those meds interact with each other in the elderly body.

Nursing BS 

Cancer Survivorship in Rural Colorado

SHARE (Survivors Health and Rural Experiences),a three-year R15 study funded by NIH’s National Institute for Nursing Research, is currently being conducted in rural Colorado to examine what it means to be a long-term survivor in the rural setting and how this influences quality of life and cancer survivorship outcomes.

Nursing BS 

Research Suggests Fine-Tuning Instruments Has Potential to Improve Interventions

Karen Sousa, PhD, RN, FAAN, and her research team analyze how questionnaires are designed in order to test for hidden cultural bias. An NIH Academic Research Enhancement Aware (AREA) funded the evaluation.