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Funded Studies

Research Initiative Bubble ChartCurrent research projects include interdisciplinary teams comprised of experts and developing scientists from nursing, nutrition, physical activity, informatics, medicine, and public health.  Research is focused on self-management of healthy lifestyles, health information technology, as well as obesity and related chronic conditions to advance the science in promoting healthy lifestyles in diverse populations. Explore the links below to learn more about current research studies. Click the image at right to view a larger image of the Research Initiative Bubble Chart.


Motivational interviewing for adolescent obesity

January 2013

This American Journal of Nursing publication, written by Bonnie Gance-Cleveland, discusses the use of motivational interviewing in cases of adolescent obesity. Select the link above to access the publication.

Evaluation of technology to identify and assess overweight children and adolescents

January 2010

This Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing publication, written by B. Gance-Cleveland, L.H. Gilbert, T. Kopanos and K.C. Gilbert, discusses technology in weight treatment in children and adolescents. Select the link above to access the publication.