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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

ORS Research Support

Taking Your Research Where You Want it to Go

​Karen H. Sousa, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Dean of Research and Scholarship

  • Developing/Testing Conceptual Models
  • Developing/Applying Advanced Statistical Methods
  • Examining/Analyzing Health-Care Systems to Understand and Improve Health-Care Outcomes


Linda Flynn, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

  • Evaluating effects of nursing systems (e.g., nurse staffing levels, practice environment, nurse manager leadership) on patient care/outcomes across practice settings
  • Applying "magnetic" nursing-practice environment beyond acute-care setting
  • Recently designed/tested manager-development program, N-MAP


John Welton, PhD, RN, Professor

  • Expertise in health systems and developing robust cost/quality metrics
  • Expertise with Big Data
  • Research focusing on nursing costs, real-time information, and value-based care

​Oliwier Dziadkowiec, PhD, Director of the Center for Nursing Research

Statistical-support experience both in public health and in nursing research projects, with expertise in

  • inferential and non-parametric statistics (ANOVA, regression, mixed models, t-tests, chi-square)
  • systems science (Social Network Analysis, System Dynamics Modeling)
  • program evaluation (process and outcome)
  • quality improvement


Sarah Schmiege, PhD, Statistician, Assistant Research Professor

Focusing on statistical collaboration in health-promotion research, with expertise in

  • structural equation modeling (SEM), including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis
  • hierarchical modeling of clustered data
  • longitudinal growth curve modeling
  • latent variable mixture modeling

​Barbara Creswell, ORS Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist

The ORS Pre-Award Grants and Contracts Specialist manages the submission and coordination of all proposals seeking Intramural or Extramural funding:
  • preparing forms
  • assuring compliance with regulations/policies/procedures
  • developing budgets and drafting budget narratives
  • adapting language to specific funding-agency templates
  • editing final copy 
Conflict of Interest (COI) documentation must be completed before any application for federal funding can be routed.

Jason Weiss, ORS Research Coordinator

The Research Coordinator provides support during the grant-writing process:
  • editing for layout, format, grammar, and content
  • working with EndNote

Internal mock reviews are an important part of the research process.

The ORS assembles a team of experienced local investigators to conduct mock reviews:

Shortly after the start of the research project, the mock-review team meets with the researcher to consult and to establish timelines.

Near the end of the project, a formal review simulates the funding-agency review, allowing the researcher to address oral/written critique and to strengthen the submission.

The ORS internal mock review process is carried out with confidentiality, collegiality, and respect. Reviewers both highlight strengths and make constructive suggestions in their written critiques.