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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

CCNR Division 3

Support Services Center

Statistical Consultation
·         Utilize advanced statistical methods, such as
o   Regression, ANOVA, & other Linear Models
o   Multivariate Analysis (factor analysis, PCA, cluster analysis)
o   Categorical data analysis
o   Longitudinal & multi-level data
o   Structural Equation Modeling
·         Organize research and sample design
·         Analyze program information to answer questions about process/outcomes, efficiency, and effectiveness
·         Design questionnaires
·         Conduct surveys from sampling to data management
·         Perform power analyses
·         Interpret results and provide written reports
·         Write statistical methods and results
·         Identify appropriate journals for publication
·         Proofread and edit articles
·         Help craft responses to reviewer comments
Data Management
·         Develop strategies to enhance data value
·         Store data sets of any size
·         Create data bases
·         Clean data to ensure integrity & quality
Literature Searches
·         Perform literature searches
·         Identify resources to support EBP, clinical decision-making, research, or education
Grant Development
·         Identify appropriate funding agencies
·         Generate specific aims and background narratives that pop
·         Develop grant framework and grant storyline from significance to approach
·         Manage citations, formatting, and EndNote-library assembly






















​Research Facilities

  • Library: an extensive collection of significant research texts and essential research software (SPSS, SAS, Atlas-Ti, HLM, AMOS/LISREL, NORM, MetaWin, Mplus)
  • Work Stations: cubicles for faculty or research assistants
  • Meeting Space and File Space: conference tables for team meetings; drawers and shelves for hard document storage
  • Interview Rooms: two rooms for conducting interviews or completion of questionnaires
  • Clinical-research Space: additional research space with adjacent bathroom for blood draws or other clinical measures

Research-support Personnel 

A. Consultative Support

Karen Sousa, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship

  • Expertise in developing/testing conceptual models
  • Expertise in developing/applying advanced statistical methods (e.g., structural equation modeling [SEM])
  • Expertise in research infrastructure, grant development, EBP projects, mentoring


Linda Flynn, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

  • 10+ years of continuous external research funding
  • Principal investigator of interdisciplinary teams for large, multi-site, patient-safety studies Research focusing on impact of system, staff characteristics, and care practices in patient-safety outcomes


B. Statistical Support

Oliwier Dziadkowiec, PhD, Director of Center for Nursing Research

Statistical collaboration, public health/nursing research projects, with expertise in

  • Inferential and non-parametric statistics (e.g., ANOVA, regression, mixed models, t-test, chi-square)
  • Systems science (e.g., social network analysis, system dynamics modeling)
  • Program evaluation (process and outcome) and quality improvement

Sarah Schmiege, PhD, Statistician, Assistant Research Professor

Statistical collaboration, health-promotion research, with expertise in

  • Structural equation modeling (SEM), including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis
  • Evaluating data from randomized controlled trials, including data complexities (e.g., missing data, fidelity/adherence problems, longitudinal data collection/analysis)
  • Hierarchical modeling of clustered data, longitudinal growth curve modeling, latent variable mixture modeling

C. Methodological Support

Paul Cook, PhD

  • Expertise in randomized controlled trials, multi-level modeling, program evaluation, and quality improvement
  • Research focusing his clinical psychology/psychotherapy background on problems in health-behavior change (e.g., medication adherence, self-management of chronic disease, HIV prevention, pediatric obesity prevention)

Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN

  • Expertise in missing-data methods, secondary data analysis, Stata
  • Research focusing on health care for at-risk populations (e.g., homeless urban youth)

Jacqueline Jones, PhD, BN, RN, FRCNA

  • Expertise in qualitative and mixed-methods research
  • Research focusing on systems of surveillance and outcomes for older adults, team and systems science

Ellyn Matthews, PhD, RN, AOCN, CRNI

  • Expertise in quantitative/qualitative research design and methods
  • Research focusing on understanding symptom physiology and improving symptom management in cancer patients, sleep-wake disturbance assessment and management in chronic illness, adherence to behavioral therapies and lifestyle interventions

Paula Meek, PhD, RN

  • Expertise in advanced statistics, qualitative research design and methods, psychometrics, outcomes research, clinical/translational research
  • Research focusing on symptom physiology, appraisal, and management in chronic illness

Joan Nelson, DNP, RN

  • Expertise in quality improvement and evidence-based practice
  • Research focusing on geriatrics/population management

Joyce Verran, PhD, RN, FAAN

  • 25+ years of funded research in the areas of (a) nursing care-delivery systems (including acute-care work environments), (b) complexity of care in ambulaatory settings, and (c) nursing-practice models in rural communities
  • Current research focusing on effects of contextual factors on patient health-status outcomes across the care continuum