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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

CNR Tools and Resources

Helping You Help Your Research

The Center for Nursing Research offers tools and resources to assist faculty, staff and students in their pursuit of research goals.  

(1) Presenting Your Data
(2) Research Library  
(3) CU Denver Photo Library
(4) CNR Research-Workshop Brown Bags (Tentative Fall Schedule)
During the Fall semester, the CNR will offer a research workshop at noon on the second Tuesday of each month.   
  • September 9:  Dissecting Articles
  • October 14:  Concise Argumentative Writing
  • November 11:  Statistics and Methods
  • December 9:  Poster Design
(5) Research Facilities 
  • Work Stations: cubicles for faculty or research assistants to work on research projects 
  • File Space: file drawers and bookshelf space
  • Meeting Space: conference table for research team meetings or other uses
  • Interview Rooms: two rooms for interviews or completion of questionnaires
  • Clinical Research Space: additional research space with adjacent bathroom for blood draws or other clinical measures
(6) Research Computers and Software
  • SPSS: General Statistical Analysis
  • Atlas-Ti: Qualitative Coding
  • Hierarchical Linear and Non-Linear Modeling (HLM): Hierarchical Linear Modeling (Mixed Modeling)
  • AMOS and LISREL: Structural Equation Modeling (Including Path Analysis)
  • NORM: Missing Data Patterns/Analysis
  • MetaWin: Meta-Analytic Lit Review


(7) Faculty Research Support
Available services include data analysis, data entry, instrument location, and small-scale literature searches. The CNR can also assist in online surveys, using SurveyMonkey. Faculty members simply need to provide survey questions and a list of recipient e-mails. 
(8) Faculty and Student Research Support
Nursing students and faculty have access to consultation and support from CNR RAs during their scheduled hours. In addition, the Virtual CNR is available 24 hours a day for self-service research assistance.