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Veterans' Action League

​The voices of 21.5 million US veterans in health research are largely silent. Reintegration into civilian life— identified as having a unique set of psychological and physical vulnerabilities – may affect veterans’ health and healthcare decisions. Sound healthcare decision – making requires having up-to-date, understandable, evidence-based information, and the decision-making capacity to utilize this information.

Yet, many veterans have had limited opportunities to be dynamic participants in their healthcare decisions due in large part to insufficient systems to facilitate their participation. This project will aid in empowering veterans to have an active voice in improving research by creating a national platform to help us better understand obstacles veterans face when seeking healthcare treatments.​

Researchers from six powerhouse universities in Texas, Florida, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York will collaborate with veteran leaders and the veteran communities in their respective states to dialogue about salient topics in veteran health care. Together, these teams will aid in the development of a toolkit which will aid veterans, their families, and community members to dynamically navigate the contemporary health care information most meaningful to them.

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