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Palliative Care Certificate

Beyond Hospice: An Advanced Education Model

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The University of Colorado College of Nursing Palliative Care Certificate program has been educating end-of-life care providers as advanced generalists and specialists since 2005. It is recognized as a Palliative Care Certificate for graduate credit by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association and as theory preparation for the advanced certified hospice and palliative care nurse (ACHPN) certification examinations.

The Palliative Care Certificate program will provide the learner new knowledge to enhance their skill set in administrating complex palliative care with a Caring Science foundation. Participants in this online intensive program will learn about advanced palliative care concepts, complex symptom management, and practical applications of palliative care programming in the acute, post-acute, and ambulatory settings.

Questions about the program?

Tuition Rate

The 2019-2020 Tuition Rate for Extended Studies is $690 per credit hour plus fees.


Application Instructions

If you are applying for a certificate, be sure to select the specific specialty as your desired program of study. If you would like to take individual courses, simply select Nondegree/Non-matriculated Student.

Be sure to address the program requirements within the open reponse field for purpose of registration.


 NURS 6744 - Advanced Concepts in Palliative Care (3 Credits - Summer)

An advanced course focusing on theory and practice in palliative care nursing including: use of an evidence-based approach; current palliative care models and practice; multidimensional assessment and care plan development; advanced communication skills; responses to loss and grief; ethical decision-making; and palliative care in diverse settings and populations.​​​


 NURS 6745 - Complex Symptom Management (3 Credits - Fall)

An advanced course focusing on complex symptom management in palliative nursing including: use of advanced practice assessment and intervention skills; advanced symptom management (pain, dyspnea, fatigue, acute confusional states, anxiety, depression, complex GI symptoms, sleep issues, issues in hydration and nutrition, nausea, vomiting, palliative sedation) and corresponding ethical issues; pharmacological/non-pharmacological interventions; and case study resolution focusing on the integration of course content.​​​


 NURS 6747 - Practical Applications for Palliative Care Programming (3 Credits - Spring)

An advanced course focusing on sustainable palliative care program development in the acute, post-acute, and ambulatory settings including: leadership effectiveness, financial and reimbursement principles, quality monitoring and improvement, public policy, access for palliative care services, and organizational integrity and compliance.​​​​​​​


Program Objectives

  • To provide advanced education for palliative care
  • To advance knowledge, practice, and research in palliative care
  • To promote change in the clinical climate towards palliative care
  • ​To introduce a caring science framework into the practice of palliative care
  • To reach nurses and other health care professionals in both urban and rural settings in Colorado and beyond
  • To provide theory review for the Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse (ACHPN) certification exam (for advanced practice nurses)