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CU College of Nursing - Nursing BS Program, Denver, Colorado

College of Nursing

How to Apply

BS Program Admissions

How to Apply

Thank you for considering applying to the Bachelor of Science in nursing program at the University of Colorado College of Nursing. Please pay close attention to the directions before you begin the process. This will help to ensure that you submit all the required application materials, prevent unnecessary frustration, and make you a more competitive applicant. We recommend you check our website frequently for updates to the application process.

Note: Applications to the Traditional BS and the Accelerated BS (UCAN) are now being processed through the Centralized Application Service for Nursing Programs (NursingCAS). NursingCAS is the online, centralized application service for nursing schools. You can use NursingCAS to apply to the University of Colorado College of Nursing and other participating schools.

 ​Application Instructions

Note to Traditional Pathway program applicants: Our application for summer 2017 will be open from June 20, 2016-October 7, 2016. Due to a NursingCAS application system upgrade, applicants will need to choose one of the following time periods to submit an application:

·         Application Submission Period 1: June 20-August 15, 2016

o   Students must submit their applications by August 15

o   If you begin your application but do not submit by August 15, note that any uploaded documents (personal statement and resume) will need to be resubmitted with the updated application version (after August 25).

o   All transcripts must be received by NursingCAS by August 19. If transcripts are not received by NursingCAS by August 19, the student will need to resubmit the application with the upgraded version and pay a second application fee.


·         Application Submission Period 2: August 25-October 7, 2016

o   Students who are unable to meet the timeline established for Application Period 1 will need to submit their applications after August 25 (using the Re-Applicant feature in NursingCAS).


For more information about the NursingCAS update (including the Re-Applicant feature) and how it may impact your application, please visit the following link. Applicants may also contact NursingCAS directly at (617) 612-2880.​ 

The online NursingCAS application includes the receipt and verification of all official college transcripts. This application will require the input of an extensive amount of information and verification of several documents. We strongly suggest that you begin and submit your application as early as possible: at least four to six weeks before the published deadline so that all of your documents can be verified by NursingCAS by the published deadline. Applications verified by the published deadline will be given full consideration. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
To complete the application, follow the detailed directions available from NursingCAS carefully. You will need to have a student copy of your college transcripts from which you will be able to enter detailed course information into your NursingCAS application. You will also need to order all official transcripts to be sent directly to NursingCAS for verification. The mailing address for transcripts is provided in the application. 
Under Applicant Information, Additional Information and Parent and Family Information are optional. This data is not necessary for the BS program application.
Personal Statement — Your personal statement should be approximately 500 words in length. (The system will allow 700 words, but please limit it to 500 words). Use the space provided to you on the NursingCAS application. Your statement should respond to the following three prompts:

(A) Describe your perceptions and attitude about nursing today. In your answer, identify current information about the field of nursing including the demands, expectations and career options.

(B) What do you believe are the demands of a nursing education and how have you prepared to make this significant change to your current situation?

(C) Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the University learning community in terms of diversity, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.

It is important that you follow the application directions provided by NursingCAS and that you monitor the progress of your application, and receipt of documents through the NursingCAS website. Additionally, you will have access to customer service support. For questions related to the online application, please contact NursingCAS support by phone at 617-612-2880, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time or by email at Check your email frequently for messages from NursingCAS concerning your application or any required documents. Contact NursingCAS directly with questions about the completion of your application.

The application fee is charged by and paid to NursingCAS. You will need to have a credit card for payment. Please see the NursingCAS website for fee details. Effective June 20, 2016, all applicants will be required to pay a $50.00 supplemental application fee to the University of Colorado College of Nursing. Detailed information will be forwarded to applicants once an application has been submitted. 
Test Scores - HESI/TEAS scores are not required for our BS programs. 

ReferencesFor the 2016 UCAN application cycle (for the spring 2017 cohort), we are recommending that applicants submit three letters of reference. At least one of these should be an academic reference. References are submitted as part of the NursingCAS application process (more details will be included in the application). Please note: Beginning in 2017 (for the 2018 UCAN cohort), references will be required for the UCAN application. References are not currently required for the Traditional Pathway program.  

Healthcare Experience - Healthcare experience is a requirement for the UCAN program. In the Supporting Information section under Experiences, please enter information about previous/current healthcare experience (paid and volunteer), licenses and certifications (if applicable). Although healthcare experience is not required for the Traditional Pathway program, it is strongly recommended. Traditional applicants are encouraged to include information about healthcare experience in the Supporting Information application section, as outlined above. Additionally, all students (regardless of program) will be required to upload a CV/Resume as part of the application process. 

Language ProficiencyExcellent oral and written English communication skills are necessary prerequisites for admission to the University of Colorado College of Nursing. Communication requirements are outlined in the Technical Standards for Admission, Progression, and Graduation section of our Student Handbook (pages 51-58). Applicants for our BS programs will be contacted if a language proficiency exam is necessary during the application process. 

If a language exam is required, students must select one of the following three testing options to demonstrate proficiency:

1. English Language Proficiency assessment through the University of Colorado Denver ESL Academy. The ESL Academy is an academic intensive English program that specializes in preparing international students for the rigors of higher education. The assessments offered include a computer-based reading and listening test; an academic essay written in-person; and an in-depth interview. The staff and Specialists of the ESL Academy will score the assessments and provide a written diagnostic report to the College of Nursing. The assessments and scores will be kept confidential and they will not be shared with any other party, except the College of Nursing, without your expressed written consent. 

2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); minimum score requirements on the iBT exam are: total score of 83 (speaking score of 26).

3. International English Language Testing System (IELTS); minimum score requirements are: total score of 6.5 (speaking score of 8). 

Questions regarding your application should be directed to NursingCAS. 

For general BS program information, please contact a student services advisor by calling 303-724-1812 or emailing
The online application, along with directions for completion, may be found at: NursingCAS. The application period for UCAN is March 1-June 1; the application period for the Traditional Pathway program will be June 20-October 7, 2016 for the Summer 2017 cohort. Applications close at 11:59p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. 

Application Deadlines 

The UCAN application through NursingCAS is open from March 1 until June 1.

The Summer 2017 Traditional Pathway cohort application through NursingCAS will be open from June 20, 2016 until October 7, 2016.

Monitor the Status of Your Application

The “My Messages” section of the NursingCAS application will include any messages that NursingCAS or a school has sent to you. Please check your “My Messages” to see if you have received any vital information about your application. Messages will be sent to the “My Messages” inbox and your personal email address to which you created your account.
Use the “Quick Status Menu” options to check to see that your transcript(s) and payment have been received after you submit them. To check to see which Designations you have selected (e.g., programs you have applied to), click on the Designations option under the Quick Status menu. The GPA Calculations option under the Quick Status menu will display any GPA calculations NursingCAS has generated for you based on the coursework data you entered. Your application has been “verified” once your GPA calculations are complete.
For questions related to the online application, please contact NursingCAS support by phone at 617-612-2880, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time or by email at
​Interview Day is required for selected applicants. 

Interview Day for the Spring 2017 UCAN cohort will be held on Thursday, July 21, 2016.
Interview Day for the Summer 2017 Traditional cohort has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday, November 17, 2016.