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Graduate Student Orientation

Official Communication


Your University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus email account is a very important OFFICIAL means of communication from the College of Nursing (CON) and the Graduate School to you and from you to the CON.  You MUST use this email account throughout your matriculation at the CON. Click here to read the CON's Email Policy (Student Handbook). You are strongly encouraged to log into your email account a minimum of once per week.

1.   If you have not already, sign up for password self-service.  Password self-service allows the student to request and receive a new password online.   

2.   For assistance with logging in to your email account or email related problems,                             contact Silvia Baptista.

Email Distribution Lists

Each student is added to the distribution lists for the College of Nursing.   The email account added to the distribution lists is your UCDENVER email account.   

1.  The Outlook distribution lists are used to officially communicate with the student and the student can’t unsubscribe from these lists.  Examples of these emails are scholarship and graduation announcements.

2.  The list serve distribution lists are also used to communicate with the student, but the student can unsubscribe to these lists.  Examples of these emails are employment and for sale announcements. 

ID Badges

Many graduate students are distant learners and don't ever need to visit the campus and others may occasionally visit the campus.  There are 2 types of student id badge.

  • One type of id badge allows physical access to the buildings on campus and is at no cost to the student. Students are required to hold this type of id badge if they will be on campus on a regular basis.  This type of id badge requires that the student be physically present and have a picture id. New students who need physical access to the buildings on campus need to request an id badge by contacting Silvia Baptista, the nursing id badge point of contact at the College of Nursing.  Please note that id badges are issued no earlier than 1 week prior to the first day of class. 
  • The second type of id badge is for identification purposes only without allowing physical access and there is a $5 cost to the student. The student is not required to be physically present on campus to receive this id badge. To request this type of id badge, students need to contact the Id Badge Office at 303-724-0399.

Compliance Acknowledgements for Policies & Standards

Listed below are documents that you must read and agree to abide by while you are a student here at the CON. In order to signify that you have read and agree to abide by the information contained in these documents, please do the following at the end of this online orientation:

  1. Return to your Blackboard home page.
  2. You should see a "My Communities and Organizations" module, located under your "My Courses" module.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the Graduate Compliance Acknowledgements.
  4. This acknowledgement process only needs to be completed once during your matriculation, but must be completed prior to the first day of your first semester in attendance.
  5. Completion of the compliance acknowledgements will be verified and your matriculation checklist updated within 2 weeks of the first day of class.
  6. For questions about the compliance acknowledgments, contact Silvia Baptista.

If you have a problem agreeing to any of of these standards and policies the CON will rescind your admission.

Student Health Care Insurance

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus requires that all students taking 5 or more credit hours have health insurance and will automatically bill these students for Annual enrollment on Plan A of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Student Sickness and Accident Insurance plan. Students with comparable health insurance coverage may waive out of enrollment on the school sponsored health insurance plan by completing, signing and submitting the waiver form by the deadline date listed, no late waivers will be accepted.

If enrolled in 4.9 credits or less students are not charged and enrolled in insurance coverage and therefore do not need to submit the waiver form. 

If the student is enrolled in 4.9 credits or less in a degree program and wants to purchase insurance, the student must actively enroll in an insurance plan.

More information about student health care insurance and the Insurance Enrollment/Waiver form.   

Faculty Academic Advisor

Early and regular communication with your faculty academic advisor can help prevent unforeseen problems and keep you on the road to graduation. If you have not yet met with your academic advisor, you are strongly encouraged to make an appointment as soon as possible.  Contact the Program Office to find out who your Academic Advisor is.

View the CON Faculty directory.