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Dean's Message: Welcome from Dean Thompson

Dean Thompson
​Welcome to the University of Colorado College of Nursing.  I’m Dean Thompson and I’d like to congratulate you on your admission to the college.   As a student in our nursing programs, you have the opportunity to develop diverse career opportunities as a nurse.  This may include a career in advance practice, education, as a nurse educator, a nurse scientist or even a hospital manager or administrator of nursing.

The future of nursing is now!  With the projected changes in healthcare and the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing report, this is a critical and exciting time for nurses.  Our internationally-known faculty is here to help and guide you as you work your way through your studies.  They are experts in a number of different areas and well-known scholars who will help prepare you for the next step in your career.

We recognize that there are competing demands on your time and energy.  You have family, partners, parents, children and friends who all place demands on you. Plus, some of you will even have activities and work while going to school.  Life is complex!  This is why we offer many support systems to help you along your journey.  We hope your educational journey here at the college will be fruitful and fun and that the demands you have will be helped by the support services we offer. 

Please read the following items in the online orientation and sign off on them when you are finished.   This is important to us as we’re trying to make the orientation as user-friendly and helpful to our students as possible, and also because we need to follow the rules of the university and college. Please help us help you!

I wish you success in your studies and I’m looking forward to meeting you and seeing you as you walk across the platform to receive your degree in the future!