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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Graduate Student Orientation

Compliance Requirements

In addition to the Compliance Acknowledgments, students are required to complete the following training and to submit the information requested. Some training, such as HIPPA, is one time only. Other training, such as OSHA is required on an annual basis.   


DNP, PhD, and Informatics students are not required to complete the following OSHA and HIPAA training.

Using a PC, log onto HealthStream 

  • For problems logging into HealthStream, contact Allison Moravec-Rice
  • Please note: the Mac OS is not compatible with HealthStream and will not appear correctly!
    • Your username is your Student ID (without dashes e.g. 555555555).
    • Your password is the same (Student ID without dashes). Once you successfully log on, you will be prompted to change your password.
    • If you still experience problems logging on, email Allison Moravec-Rice
  • Once logged on, you will see the courses you need to take under the “My Courses” tab.  There are 3 courses:
    • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical I (OSHA part 1)
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical II (OSHA part 2)
  • Click on the course name you wish to complete.
    • You will see 2 links. One for the course itself, and one for the exam. Please note that the exam’s link will not become active until you have completed the course.
    • If you are having trouble accessing the course or the exam from this page, try turning off your pop-up blocker.
  • HIPAA (approx 67 minutes)
    • HIPAA only needs to be taken once while you are a student of the CON.
    • You must score at least a 75 % on the exam, but you will have unlimited chances to take it. Please keep re-taking the exam until you pass.
  • OSHA is a yearly requirement. Both sections must be completed to receive credit.
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical I (approx 55 minutes).
    • Rapid Regulatory Compliance: Clinical II (approx 73 minutes).
    • You must score a 100% on each exam. But you will have unlimited chances to take them.  Please keep re-taking the exams until you pass both Clinical I and Clinical II.
  • Once the exams have been successfully completed you will be able to “View Certificate.”
    • Click on the link to view and print your Certificate of Completion for your personal records.
    • There is no need to send the Certificates to Allison as she is electronically notified when you complete a course.
    • You may view your completed courses under the “My Transcript” tab.

If you experience problems, please email Allison Moravec-Rice


  • Your card must state that you are certified in “BLS for Healthcare Providers." If your card does not state this, we cannot accept it.
  • To submit a copy of your card, please make a copy and either fax it to 303-724-1808 Attn: Allison Moravec-Rice or deliver it in person Education 2 North, Room 3231.
  • If you are not currently certified in CPR or if your certification has expired, please certify or re-certify by taking a "BLS for Healthcare Providers" course through the American Heart Association
  • We honor the two year expiration date for graduate students.
  • CPR certification and re-certification classes are offered through the CON. In order to inquire about an upcoming class, please contact Darren Moffitt


Your immunization record is a one time only submission. However, Tuberculin Skin Test (Required Mantoux PPD): Must Be Done Annually!   Questions about your immunizations should be directed to Allison Moravec-Rice

Policies & Procedures

You are required to abide by University of Colorado, Graduate School and CON standards, policies, and procedures. Follow the steps listed in the Official Communication section to identify that you will abide by criteria set forth in selected documents.