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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Teri L. Hernandez, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Nursing

Teri Hernandez

Teri Hernandez has a special interest in understanding women's health, specifically in-utero programming influences such as diet that enhance or attenuate CVD and diabetes risk in pregnant mothers and their infants. Her growing area of expertise in research centers on glucose and lipid metabolism during pregnancy. She completed her baccalaureate degree in nursing at the Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois in 1994. After working as a medical and oncology nurse in the Chicago area for 1 year, she was granted admission to a cardiovascular nurse internship program at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas in 1995. During her years at Baylor, she fulfilled a variety of roles as a cardiovascular nurse, including: post-operative cardiothoracic, heart/lung transplant, telemetry, charge nurse/supervisor, and cardiac rehabilitation educator.

In 2000, she came to the University of Colorado Hospital and worked on 8 West General Clinical Research Center. She joined Dr. Robert Eckel as part of his research team in 2001, and joined the medicine faculty in Endocrinology as an Instructor in 2005. Her master of science in nursing degree was conferred in May, 2005 from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. In December, 2009, she completed her PhD in the UCD College of Nursing. Her Research interests include: insulin resistance, gestational diabetes and Type 2 diabetes, lipids and lipid metabolism, obesity and fat metabolism. She recently joined the medicine and nursing faculty as an assistant professor and will be teaching in the baccalaureate nursing program. She has a further interest in philosophy as it pertains to nursing science and other human sciences.

Degree    Awarding Institution Field of Study Graduation Date
PhD University of Colorado Denver
Aurora, Colorado


MS University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Aurora, Colorado
Nursing 2005
​BS ​Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, Illinois
​Nursing ​1994​


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Peer-reviewed Abstracts:

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