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Pamela Prag, MS, MPH, CNM

Senior Instructor

Pamela Prag

Pamela Prag completed her undergraduate work in nursing at Biola University, her master's degree at the University of Colorado specializing in midwifery, and then completed her MPH at CU focusing on Global Health. 

She is passionate about collaborative global health projects and has developed an ongoing relationship with Scheer Memorial Hospital College of Nursing in Banepa, Nepal. Through this work, she has established venues for students from a broad range of academic disciplines to complete field work related broadly to public health at the community level and midwifery training in the hospital setting.

She is actively engaged as support faculty to the first midwifery training program in Nepal as well. As current director of Global Health at the College of Nursing, she is involved in creating future coursework and site development in Malawi. She remains in clinical practice with the University Nurse Midwives.