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Pamela Gillen, ND, RN, CNS, CACIII

Assistant Professor of Research


Pamela Gillen currently holds a position with the College of Nursing as an assistant professor of research through the Department of Nursing, and she is the Project Director for the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus Colorado Fetal Alcohol and other Prenatal Substances Prevention Project (COFAS).

She has more than 39 years of experience in the field of health and prevention. Gillen's experience includes working with the high-risk clients in criminal justice, social services and public health.  She has practiced as a public health nurse coordinator and nurse case manager for at risk pregnancies working with high-risk women of childbearing age.  She has been a co-chair elect for National FASD Center for Excellence Expert panel. Gillen earned her Clinical Doctorate of Nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, and she earned her undergraduate degree in drug, alcohol and addictive behaviors from Metropolitan State College of Denver.  



Degree Awarding Institution Field of Study Graduation Date
ND University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Nursing 1996
BS Metropolitan State College Human Services 1986


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​Title ​Organization ​Year
Founders Award​ Peer Assistance Services, Inc.​ ​2003


2013-present: Expert consultant for the Denver Public Health Native CHOICES Grant.

2009-2013: Expert consultant for the Denver STD clinic CHOICES STD CDC Grant.

1/09-6/10 Role: Project Director, providing research oversight for the SAMSHA/CSAP Building Evaluation Capacity for Evidence-Based Interventions, Service to Science Initiative, COFAS-POP Provider Intervention..  P.I. Pamela Gillen, RN, ND 1/09 to present.   Funding Source:  CRP, Inc. Contract. CPR SAMHSA COFAS-POP Contract Number 280-02-0602/740-D S2S.  Funded for $30,000.

10/03-9/09      Role: Supervise and help coordinate the Colorado Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention Cooperative agreement in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Co-P.I. Pamela Gillen, RN, ND 10/03-present and Co-P.I. April Montgomery, CDPHE, Funding Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Cooperative Agreement Announcement 03021, Funded for $500,000.

7/00-present    Role: Project Coordinator and Director for Statewide Funded Prevention Project, Project Name: FAS and Other Prenatal Substance Abuse Statewide Prevention Program, P.I. Marie Miller, RN, PhD 7/00-6/02 and P.I. Pamela Gillen, RN, ND 7/00- present, Funding Source: Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, Federal Block Grant Funds, RFP Number: IHANCO11014ADAD, Funded for $123,764.