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Linda U. Krebs, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN

Associate Professor

Linda Krebs

​Linda Krebs has been an oncology nurse for more than 40 years providing direct care, consultation, education and training to cancer patients, their families, community members and healthcare providers.  She has collaborated with Native American Cancer Research Corporation (NACR) for more than 16 years where she focuses on providing up-to-date cancer education, including cancer prevention/early detection and symptom management strategies, to American Indian cancer survivors, patient navigators and communities.  Krebs’ main emphasis is educating across the full continuum of cancer care. She provides education, mentoring, and evaluation for American Indian health professionals and community members through seminars, workshops and one-on-one interactions.

Krebs spent 13 years as director/practitioner of the University of Colorado Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention and Screening Clinic evaluating, educating and counseling patients about cancer prevention and early detection and more than 20 years as a CNS providing expert oncology care. She has more than 12 years’ experience creating, editing and evaluating cancer education materials and manuscripts for lay and health professional audiences and teaches a yearly course on cultural competence at the CU College of Nursing.

Krebs teaches multiple online courses using the Canvas platform, incorporating web-based education concepts and other aspects of social media into her course content, including content on m-health. Krebs was the Director of the Office of Gender, Minorities and Children at the University of Colorado Cancer Center from 2005 to 2012. She has provided oncology education and patient/family advocacy and support through Oncology Consultation, Education and Advocacy Network (OCEAN) since 2000. 

Krebs successfully completed the Mayo Clinic’s Tobacco Treatment Specialist training in 2013. She has extensive experience with oncology nursing and oncology education for healthcare providers and the public, holding roles such as oncology clinical nurse specialist, cancer screening practitioner, and oncology nurse consultant/educator. Additionally, Dr. Krebs is a past national president of the Oncology Nursing Society, Conference Management Committee Portfolio Chair for the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care and speaks nationally and internationally on cancer care.



Degree Awarding Institution Field of Study Graduation Date
PhD University of Colorado Denver Nursing 1997
MS University of Colorado Denver Nursing 1977
BS University of Vermont Nursing 1968
​Title ​Organization ​Year
Longevity Award​ University of Colorado Denver 2008​
​Outstanding Contribution at the State Level ​Colorado Nurses Association ​2007
​Fellow ​American Academy of Nursing ​2006
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The following outlines some of Dr. Krebs' current and recent research support projects:​

09/17/12 - 07/31/16                            

American Indian M-Health Smoking Dependence Study (PQ4) 

The research question is “Why don’t Northern Plains American Indians alter tobacco use behaviors known to increase the risk of cancer?” The outcomes will document and track predictors of intention to quit smoking, successful quit attempts and relapse. Study results will affect tobacco use among Northern Plains American Indians by providing insight into effective cessation interventions for this population.

Role:  Co-Investigator.


05/27/08 – 01/31/14                           

Native Navigators and the Cancer Continuum (NNACC)

NNACC is a community based participatory research (CBPR) project based on partnerships among three American Indian (AI) communities in:  (1) Colorado, (2) South Dakota and (3) Michigan. The goal is for the partners to collaborate to refine, expand and adapt various navigator models used within each partners’ setting to address Native American community and patients’ needs throughout the continuum of cancer care.

Role: Co-Investigator


09/22/10 - 01/31/14

Native Navigators and the Cancer Continuum:  Muscogee (Creek) Nation (NNACC)

This supplement adds a new NNACC site of Muscogee (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma. 

Role:  Co-Investigator


09/30/10 – 09/29/15

Spirit of Eagles Community Network Program

The goal of this five-year study is to efficiently coordinate and assess a national cancer research program for AIAN communities. NACR’s roles include (1) providing technical assistance to 2 AIAN communities to implement cancer needs assessments and develop pilot interventions and (2) support for the "Native American Cancer Education for Survivors", specifically to the Northern Plains communities.

Role: Consultant


10/01/10 -12/31/13

Collaborative Partnerships in Cancer Prevention and Control Programs for American Indians

This is a 5-year project to develop, strengthen and expand collaborative partnerships among: (a) American Indian / Alaska Native (AIAN) tribal and urban Indian programs / health facilities; (b) state and local health departments; and, (c) other organizations working with AIAN cancer prevention and control.

Role: Consultant/Faculty


09/27/13- 9/25/18

OT13-1303: Tribal Public Health Capacity Building and Quality Improvement

The goal of this Priority 2 Project is to provide evaluation for the funded tribal public health capacity building and quality improvement programs.

Role:  Consultant


09/12 -  07/16    Co-Investigator (Co-PI for NACI), American Indian mHealth Tobacco Dependence Study, Petereit, D. (PI), NIH/NCI

09/10 -  08/15    Co-Investigator for NACR, Mayo Clinic's Spirit of EAGLES Community Network Programs 2, Kaur, J. (PI), NIH/NCI (3 separate small grants projects as part of larger grant).

07/06 – 10/07    Consultant, Addressing Cancer-related Health Disparities through Regional Action Teams. A. Bradley (Project Director), CDPHE Health Disparities.

04/05 – 03/10    Consultant/Educator, The American Indian/Alaska Native Initiative on Cancer, Kaur, J. (PI).  NIH/NCI.

10/04 – 09/09    Co-Investigator, Native American Cancer Education for Survivorship, L. Burhansstipanov (PI), NIH/NCI.