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Kerri J. Reid MS, RN, CCNS

Senior Instructor, Clinical Education Center

Kerri Reid

Kerri Reid originally obtained an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree from Casper, Wyoming, and her deferred BSN in the RN to MSN program at University of Colorado, Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado in 2007. The terminal degree awarded was a CNS-Adult Critical Care.

Her primary role in the Clinical Education Center (CEC) is to provide clinical instruction and teaching to RN students entering into the BSN program. These courses include Health Assessment and Fundamentals (Foundations). Content is taught using both skill acquisition as well as simulation (SIM) to the students that then creates the framework for safe patient care once the students begin their clinical rotations. Resultant, development for the students incorporates Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSA’s) appropriate to the learning level of the student.

As CEC and Sim continue across all undergraduate courses, and also incorporate the above QSEN KSA’s, and since this learning is incorporated as well as expected in their designated courses, Reid collaborates with course coordinators about the CEC and Sim experiences. Using an outcome competency, the COPA model, Kerri assures all of the students are successful with their learning.

Additionally, a component of Kerri’s employment is to maintain clinical proficiency and she does this by working in The MICU at University of Colorado Hospital as Faculty Affiliate and, resultant, maintains an active certification (CCRN) in her area of clinical expertise.


Degree Awarding Institution Field of Study ​Graduation Date
MS​ ​University of Colorado Health Sciences Center ​CNS, Adult Critical Care ​2007
​BS ​Arizona State University ​Criminal Justice, Sociology ​1993
​AAS Casper College Nursing​ ​1982