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John Welton, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor, Senior Scientist for Health Systems Research

John Welton

John Welton's career research interests touch on expansive ideas: How much does nursing care cost? How can we build a better nursing care system to improve efficiency, effectiveness, performance, quality, and ultimately the value of the work nurses provide to their patients? His interests started early in his career during his MSN degree program at University of North Carolina-Charlotte, where his Nursing Administration thesis project was a financial analysis of, and business plan for, an air-ambulance company. The financial numbers for the company looked so good that Welton became a nurse entrepreneur, launching National Medevac, Inc. A few years later, he met Dr. Edward Halloran at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where he completed his PhD in Nursing Systems. Subsequently, his academic career path took him to the University of Maryland School of Nursing, to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, and just previous to CU, to Florida Southern College.
Welton’s research foci are nursing costs and economics; quality and outcomes of care; real-time information and decision systems in nursing; performance and effectiveness; nursing value-based care; and pay for nursing performance. He has been the recipient of several awards, including the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) Foundation Nurse Researcher Award; the South Carolina League for Nursing Award for Excellence; the South Carolina Governor’s Distinguished Professor Award; the Medical University of South Carolina Teaching Excellence award; Educator/Lecturer of the Year; Palmetto Gold; South Carolina Best-100 nurses; and North Carolina Great-100 Nurses.
​Degree ​Awarding Institution ​Area of Study ​Graduation Date
​PhD ​University of North Carolina, School of Nursing
Chapel Hill, NC
Nursing​ ​1999
​MSN University of North Carolina, School of Nursing
Charlotte, NC
​Nursing Administration ​1989
​BSN ​Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY
​Nursing ​1980
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​Title ​Organization ​Year
Nurse Researcher Award​ ​American Organization of Nurse Executives Foundation ​2012
​Fellow ​Medical University of South Carolina
Board of Trustees Leadership Academy
​Golden Lamp Award ​Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing, Class of December 2008 ​2008
​Golden Lamp Award ​Medical University of South Carolina College of Nursing, Class of December 2007 ​2007
  • 2012-13, Conference Planning Committee with Dr. Connie Delaney, Dean, and Dr. Bonnie Westra (co-chairs), Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Research for Transforming Healthcare School of Nursing University of Minnesota School of Nursing, Invitational conference Minneapolis, MN: August 11-13, 2013.
  • 2006-present, Editorial Board, Journal of Nursing Administration
  • 2004-present, Reviewer Journal of Nursing Administration, Medical Care, International Journal of Nursing Studies, Critical Care Nurse, Gender Medicine, American Journal of Critical Care, Disease Management & Health Outcomes, Western Journal of Nursing Research, Health Affairs, American Medical Informatics Association, Fall 2000, Fall 2001 conferences.
  • 2007-present, Consultant and content expert, Catholic Health Initiative nursing finance taskforce, working with the corporate vice president for nursing (Kathleen Sanford, RN, DBA) to assist the 76 hospital group to explore ways to improve costing and billing for inpatient nursing care.
  • 2012, Member Health Care Reform Task Force, American Organization of Nurse Executives.
  • 2012-13, Florida Association of Colleges of Nursing (FACN) Chair 2013, chair-elect 2012
  • 2012-13, Florida Association of Colleges of Nursing (FACN) representative in the statewide Quality and Unity in Nursing (QUIN) council made up of leaders from all major nursing organizations in Florida.
  • 2011-12, Consultant and content expert for curriculum development, Partners for International Development (PFID), Emory University, Dr. Kenneth Walker program director, to develop BSN programs in Republic of Georgia. Site visit to Tblisi Georgia, December 2011 and assisted with grant application to USAID.
  • 2011-12, Member Nursing Workforce Task Force, Americna Organization of Nurse Executives.
  • ​2011-present, Catholic Health Initiatives, Initial Validation of a Value Based Nursing Care Model, Principal Investigator
  • 2011-12, Health Resources and Services Administration, Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship (AENT) Program, Project Director
  • 2009-10, Health Sciences of South Carolina (HSSC), From Simulation to Operation: Engineering Management Interventions for Perioperative Services, Consultant
  • 2007-09, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, The Effect of hospital adoption of NQF's safe practice guidelines on selected nursing-sensitive performance measures, Co-Principal Investigator
  • 2007, American Organization of Nurse Executives, Pilot study of a nursing intensity adjustment to inpatient prospective payment, Principal Investigator