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Jacqueline Jones, PhD, BN, RN, FRCNA, FAAN

Associate Professor

Jackie Jones

Associate Professor Jacqueline Jones is a registered nurse (RN) in three countries across three continents (Europe, Australia and North America), which informs her nursing and research with a broad, international understanding of nursing issues. She is a faculty member in the Division of Informatics, Health Services and Leadership (IHSL). Jon>es teaches doctoral courses in qualitative research and the history/philosophies of science. As a member of the President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative, she is currently researching doctoral pedagogy that develops nurse scientists and nurse scholars.

Building from her PhD thesis, Emergency nursing and caring: A paradox or reality of practice?, she has a program of research that has two foci: nurses and nursing work and older people and health. The latter flows from her post-doctoral fellowship at the Centre for Research into Nursing and Healthcare. Both research foci have a strong emphasis on the complexities of the environment. Jones employs multimethod design approaches to knowledge development, supervising PhD students across these research foci and providing mentorship in the areas of qualitative research methodologies and grant writing. Her current research interests are the development of "the nursing dose"/"dose-response" and measurement of their safety, quality, and patient satisfaction outcomes; and the symptom of delirium among acute-care patients as "hospital-acquired confusion," and the role nursing surveillance has in its early detection and intervention.

In concert with practicing nurses, Jones has recently developed ‘The Practice Partnership Model’ of nursing now employed in some Queensland Health sites, Brisbane, Australia. She has a strong commitment to praxis and practice development and has expertise in evidence based practice and knowledge translation. Her contributions to the discipline of nursing include research that informed the National Review of Nursing Education, a unique joint appointment with the Australian Nursing Federation (SA) and Flinders University. She is also a past editor of the Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing.

Degree Awarding Institution Field of Study Graduation Date
Post Doctoral Fellowship University of South Australia, South Australia Multidisciplinary health service; choice & decision making older people 2000
PhD University of South Australia, South Australia Nursing Work 1999
Graduate Diploma University of South Australia, South Australia Nursing (Acute Care) 1995
BN Flinders University of SA, South Australia Nursing 1993
Graduate Certificate Flinders University of SA, South Australia Emergency Nursing 1992
RGN Rotherham District Gen Hospital, UK Registered Nurse 1988
Title Organization Year
​Boeker Faculty Excellence in Research Award​ ​University of Colorado ​2017
President's Teaching and Learning Collaborative Award University of Colorado  2009
Nurse Leader STTI-Honor Society of Nursing Alpha Kappa-at-Large Chapter, CO 2008
Vice Chancellors Award for Teaching and Learning (Team) Flinders University, SA 2004
Fellow Royal College of Nursing Australia FRCNA 2001
Post Doctoral Research Fellowship CRNHC 1999-2000
Post Graduate Research Award UNISA 1996-1998
Dr Roger Wurm Scholarship Nurses Memorial Foundation 1996
Dr Roger Wurm Scholarship Nurses Memorial Foundation 1995
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