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Cosima Lux, MSN, CNM

Assistant Instructor

Cosima Lux

Lux currently demonstrates a passion for community and young women's health, through her work at UNM, volunteering in the juvenile corrections systems, coaching girls on the run, and working in the University's mood disorder clinic.

After graduating from Yale's MSN program, Lux worked as a nurse midwife in many settings, including reservations throughout the South and Northwest, in her own private practice overseas, opening a high school clinic in Taos, New Mexico, developing an in-hospital birth center in northern California, working in a GYN specialty practice in NM, and teaching nutrition at UNM. 

Lux developed the non-profit One Weeks Wisdom in Haiti, which began as a documentary on compassion in 2009. Since the earthquake, she changed their focus to global relief work, including bringing water to a hospital and a birth center, providing maternity care, consulting on soccer and health programs, and developing nutritional programs based on chicken husbandry in orphanages.

Lux has always had a fascination with nutrition, children, and vulnerable populations.  They were the focus of her undergraduate work in International Nutrition Policy at Tufts University. Unsurprisingly, Lux was drawn to the need of Nepal's children after the recent earthquake.  She figured that unlike in Turkey and Haiti, now, she could be most useful by bringing her program experience to the table rather than follow her heart's urge to jump into immediate health care relief. She soon connected with NAFA, which was hoping to create a sustainable children's nutrition program with a training and education component, perfectly inline with her own mission.  She has been their health director ever since.  And while she is torn when leaving her own children at home during her travels, she feels they are growing and shining through her contagious enthusiasm.