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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Blaine Reeder, PhD

Assistant Professor

Blaine Reeder earned his PhD in Biomedical and Health Informatics from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 2010 followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Biobehavioral Nursing and Health Systems at the University of Washington School of Nursing. Dr. Reeder conducts informatics research to connect the contexts of consumer health and public health with a focus on three different areas: aging in place, organizational information systems and research tools. His aims are to improve information interactions at individual levels; communication and coordination at group levels; and health outcomes at population levels. Dr. Reeder’s research is inherently interprofessional. He has collaborated with nurses, physicians, epidemiologists, computer scientists, gerontologists, public health administrators and other informaticians in pursuit of his research goals. Dr. Reeder is a former Co-Chair for Informatics of the Research Committee of the International Society for Disease Surveillance.

​Degree ​Awarding Institution ​Field of Study ​Graduation Date
​PhD University of Washington
Seattle, WA
​Biomedical and Health Informatics ​2010
​BA University of Washington
Seattle, WA
​Sociology ​1994
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​Title ​Organization ​Year
Postdoctoral Fellow, NINR T32
Biobehavioral Nursing Research​
​University of Washington ​2011-2013
Postdoctoral Fellow, NLM T15
Biomedical Informatics​
​University of Washington ​2001-2010
​Selected Participant ​International Partnership in Health Informatics Education IPHIE Master Class ​2008
  • ​2011-13, Study leader, "Use of In-Home Sensors for Monitoring Mobility," University of Washington
  • 2011-13, Study co-leader, "Visualization Techniques to Capture Wellness," University of Washington
  • 2010-11, Project leader, "NW Public Health Information Exchange," University of Washington
  • 2010-11, Technical lead, Distribute syndromic surveillance project, University of Washington