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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Office of Student Affairs and Diversity


The mission and functions of the Office of Student Affairs and Diversity are to coordinate activities that support and complement the student academic life based on the college’s missions, goals and objectives while adhering to policies and procedures that ensure efficient operations that meet or exceed student needs. This work unit is responsible for the recruitment and admissions processes, preadmissions advising, student services and engagement and diversity for the College of Nursing.​


Contact the Office of Student Affairs and Diversity

​Name/Email ​Title ​Phone
Shane Hoon ​Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity ​303-724-1450
Judy Campbell ​Academic Advisor, Graduate Programs ​303-724-8503
China Hutchins ​​Academic Advisor, Graduate Programs ​303-724-1561
Anapin Thielen ​Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs ​303-724-1694
Amy Sturrock ​Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Programs ​303-724-1485
Sandra Tapiceria ​Program Assistant I ​303-724-1487
Nathan Jamison ​Program Assistant I ​303-724-1478