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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Office of Finance & Administration


 Administrative Affairs

The mission of the Office of Finance & Administration is to develop and manage the resources within the College of Nursing, to effectively and efficiently support the academic, research and clinical mission of the college. The functions of the office include budget and planning, facilities and space planning, finance and procurement, human resources, payroll and information technology.​

Contact the Office of Finance & Administration

John Moore
Oversight of all CON Financial, Human Resource, Facilities and IT Function303-724-8560
Alfred (Al) Schmidt, Jr.
Payroll, facilities and space planning and emergency preparedness303-724-1489
Tracy Gray
Recruitment, HR Professional Development303-724-8855
Edith J. Butts
Financial oversight for CON clinical practice, contract faculty budgets and CON procurement card purchases303-724-4464
Marissa Sotiriou
Human Resources 303-724-7890
Mohammad Dahleh
Finance and Administration 303-724-6374
Ryan Untisz
Human Resources303-724-9118