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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Clinical Simulation Preparation

Courses to Prepare Students for Simulation

The Clinical Education Center and Simulation Suite is the hub for clinical content and nursing application. Please prepare for the simulation scenarios as you would for a clinical day. Be prepared to provide knowledgeable, effective and safe patient care in each of the simulation scenarios. 

Simulation will contribute to the total amount of clinical hours as indicated in each specific course in the College of Nursing curriculum. Often, there will be two four-hour experiences. In these experiences the student will engage in patient care in a safe, prepared environment focusing on building their clinical knowledge from previous course work. The goal of simulation is to enhance growth in areas of clinical reasoning, prioritization, physiological symptomology, nursing interventions, professionalism, communication, accurate dosage calculation and medication administration. Active participation in simulation increases readiness for clinical and enhances your learning in the clinical setting.