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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Healthcare Practices


As part of the clinical experience offered at the University of Colorado, the College of Nursing operates a faculty practice at the University of Colorado Hospital which includes the University Nurse Midwives (UNM) and The Center for Midwifery (CNM). Selected students are allowed to participate in a mentoring program with some of the nation’s best certified nurse midwives.

All certified nurse midwives (CNMs) at University of Colorado Hospital are board-certified registered nurses with master’s degrees. They are experts in women’s health, pregnancy and birth, and they support all of their clients’ physical and emotional needs during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery.

Women who choose the College of Nursing Nurse Midwifery Faculty Practice at University of Colorado Hospital for the birth of their baby receive specialized holistic and medical care in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Center for Midwifery at University of Colorado Hospital is the only facility in the Denver metro area that offers water births as a delivery option for expectant mothers.


The Center for Midwifery

Anderson, Jessica

Artmann, Amy

Chesser, Nichol

Golden, Mary (Leigh)

Howard, Jessica

Williams, Julianne (Anne)


University Nurse Midwives

Berman, Rebecca

Blanton, Krista

Burton, Abby

Cancro, Sara

Carrington, Suzanne

Curtis, Ann

Gilman-Kehrer, Esther

Harlow, Megan

Hensley, Jennifer

Jones, Rebecca

Kistin, Susanne

Koschoreck, Kate

Lux, Cosima

Martin, Julia

Nacht, Amy

Nodine, Priscilla

Okimoto, Summer

Pedrick, Heather​

Prag, Pamela​

Williams, Ana