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Veterans' Action League 2017 Retreat

On Monday August 14, the Veterans' Action League (VAL) gathered at Pizza Republica in downtown Denver for a networking dinner. Attendees included the VAL Project Team, the Veterans' Action League Unit Leaders (VAL-ULs) and Collaborative Academic Research Members (CARMs).

On Tuesday August 15, the team collaborated at the UC Denver School of Business. Opening remarks were given by the Associate Dean of the School of Business, Cliff Young. During this time, the VAL Project Team, VAL-ULs and CARMs reviewed the developments of the “The Toolkit”, hosted a ZOOM call with a PCORI Program Officer, had break out discussions to discuss reoccurring themes discussed in each VAL Unit, and brainstormed goals to achieve throughout year two of the project.​

Corporal Lyndon Villone (VAL UL from Texas) pictured here with his service dog, Ice during day 2 of the VAL Unit Retreat.
Scott Eberhart, veteran and VAL UL from Pennsylvania, discussing the VAL Project as it pertains to folks in his community.
Everyone enjoyed dinner and making new friendships during our first dinner together at the VAL Unit Retreat.