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CU Midwives Expand Reach

The Center for Midwifery opens new clinical location at Lone Tree Health Center

CU Nurse-Midwives

On Friday, April 4, the Center for Midwifery (CFM) opened their new Lone Tree clinic. Certified Nurse-Midwife and Associate Service Director of the Center for Midwifery, Jessica Anderson, MSN, CNM WHNP-BC, describes the location as “a beautiful facility with a Colorado feel. There are more than 20 other disciplines operating at the state-of-the-art Lone Tree Health Center. We are the first obstetric service to be part of the Lone Tree Health Center. We’re paving the way for obstetrical and women’s health care down south.” Families now have the option to work with a midwife at a wonderful new clinic full of specialty medical experts. Best of all, patients can receive care closer to home and come to the Anschutz Medical Campus when it is time to give birth.

Who are our CFM midwives?

The CFM midwife team includes the following midwives:

Jessica Anderson, MSN, CNM, WHNP-BC

Nichol Chesser, DNP, CNM

Leigh Golden, MSN, CNM

Jessica Howard, MSN, MSW, CNM

Jessica Pettigrew, MSN, CNM

Julianne Williams, MS, CNM

Read more about our midwives.

Why choose a CFM midwife?

In today’s culture, families are presented with various labor and birth options.  With the nurse midwives at CFM,   they have ample opportunity to have labor and birth experience discussions with knowledgeable, experienced midwives. Patients discuss their “birth wishes” and feel comfortable that their desires will be incorporated into the labor and birth journey. “The experience looks different for everybody, and we’re here to provide evidence-based information and emotional guidance,” Anderson adds.

Mothers who choose the CFM meet with all of the midwives during prenatal care. They function as a group practice: “Each of the midwives in the group practice similarly without overuse of unnecessary interventions. We are pride ourselves in knowing when to use interventions in the appropriate situation. We’re very interchangeable. Patients meet everyone, so we all help support the families.”

What are some birthing experiences that the CFM offers?

Families want such various birth experiences, from unmedicated to epidurals to water labor or water birth. “Birth wishes can include anything from candles, music, aromatherapy, water labor, epidurals and so on. We are here to support the families and provide reassurance and guidance throughout the process.”

One of the special experiences that the CFM offers is water labor or water birth. Water labor is when a mother labors in the water, but decides to birth out of water. . Water birth is when a mother both labors and gives birth in a birth pool.

“Many women find that the safe, tranquil environment helps them to relax. Research done on this birthing method suggests that it decreases labor pain, encourages dilation, and may reduce tearing of the perineum during birth,” offers the University of Colorado Hospital Insider news story on water birth.

Read more about CFM water birth here.

What are the CFM services that will be available at the Lone Tree Health Center?

The midwifery clinic at Lone Tree will offer the same services as the main campus, from gynecological care, including well woman exams and problem focused visits to family planning to prenatal care. Birthing will not be available at the Lone Tree Health Center; patients will visit University of Colorado Hospital for all birthing options.

See a full list of services

Where is the Lone Tree Health Center located?

Lone Tree Health Center
9548 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, CO 80124

For more information of the Lone Tree Health Center, visit the website here.

What are the hours of operation for midwifery services, and how do I make an appointment?

The Lone Tree CFM clinic opened Friday, April 4, 2014. They are open Monday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. To make an appointment, call 720-848-1700.