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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Our Mission

Learn About Our Mission, Vision and Values

The College of Nursing


In a pioneering, diverse, teaching and learning community, the College of Nursing prepares transformational leaders in clinical nursing, research, and community service; integrates the delivery of exemplary healthcare; and discovers and translates new knowledge to improve human health and well-being in Colorado and beyond.


Shape the future of health in and beyond Colorado through collaborative, visionary, transformational nursing leadership.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Leadership and Service
  • Health and Well Being
  • Collaboration and Community
  • Discovery and Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusiveness

College of Nursing Principles

As citizens of this community we are committed to living the following principles:

  • ExcellenceStrive for exceptional teaching, practice, research and service.
  • CommunityUnify faculty, staff, students, collaborators, and partners by creating an engaging, vibrant, joyous, diverse community. 
  • VisionaryCommit to future-oriented, transformational work and leadership.
  • ​InclusivitySeek and value everyone’s contribution to the mission; invite new perspectives to enhance our sphere of influence; be responsive to differing views.   
  • CaringTake responsibility for the genuine well-being of every individual.
  • ​IntegrityTake responsibility for communications, behavior and continuous learning; demonstrate respect for others; engage in open dialogue; represent the College of Nursing in a positive manner, and promote truth with honest communication.