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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver


Faculty Profile



Department of Pediatrics & Medicine

University of Colorado Denver


Regulation of Energy Balance

Grants: 1) ADA Junior Faculty Award 7-08-JF-51 “Mechanism of reduced pancreatic beta-cell mass and insulin secretion in intrauterine growth restricted fetuses and therapeutic correction by glucose and insulin”

2) NIH 1K08HD060688-01 “Pancreatic beta-cell endothelial cell function and signaling in intrauterine growth restriction”


Description of Research

We determine the impact of fetal placental and nutrient deficiency on several fetal organ systems. I am most focused on the pancreatic beta-cell and insulin secretion, but am also interested in the fetal liver, skeletal muscle, and lung.


Furthermore, we are pursuing experiments designed to improve fetal growth restriction in the face of placental insufficiency and to improve and reverse the complication of fetal growth restriction. We do this by utilizing chronic maternal or fetal nutrient and hormone infusions.


1-2 Most Significant Publications

1)    Rozance PJ, Limesand SW, Barry JS, Brown LD, and Hay WW Jr. Glucose Replacement Causes Hypoxia, Acidosis, And Decreased Insulin Secretion In A Sheep Model Of Intrauterine Growth Restriction. Pediatr Res. V. 65 (1) 72-78, January, 2009.

2)    Rozance PJ, Limesand SW, Zerbe GO, Hay WW, Jr., Chronic Fetal Hypoglycemia Inhibits the Later Steps of Stimulus-Secretion Coupling in Pancreatic β-Cells. Am J Physiol, Endocrinol Metab, V 292 (5), E1256-E1264, May, 2007.


Primary Focus Area (if part of the obesity initiative)

·         Fetal and Neonatal Origins of Obesisty


·         America On the Move participants – individuals who have made small lifestyle changes and  continue tracking those changes


Benefit of CNRU

The major benefit of the CNRU for me has been the Pilot and Feasibility Award several years ago. This award provided funding which allowed me to obtain my Research Scholar Award from the Children’s Hospital Research Institute, my Junior Faculty Award from the ADA and now my K08 Award from NICHD. The CNRU allowed me to complete several projects through the use of core facilities. 


CNRU Cores Used

Metabolic, Mass Spectrometry


CNRU Collaborations

Friedman, Hay, Thorn, Brown, Barry, Hansen
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