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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver


Faculty Profile


Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology & Department of Health and Behavioral Science

University of Colorado Denver and Health Science Center


Grants: 1) NIH R03 HD057507 "The health and mortality risks of co-resident grandchildren, parents, and grandparents" (Role: PI)

                2) NIH R01 HD053696 “Educational differences in US adult mortality” (Role: consultant; Hummer, PI)


Description of Research

   My primary interest is in the social determinants of health behaviors (e.g., physical activity, smoking), health outcomes (e.g., obesity, disability, medical conditions), and overall and cause-specific mortality. In particular, health behaviors provide a clear conduit that links social conditions such as family structure or socioeconomic position to numerous health outcomes. One subset of this research examines educational and race/ethnic differences in health lifestyles (or, organized patterns of multiple behaviors), and how those differences result in disparities in obesity, health, or mortality. A second subset of this research examines the relationship between family structure (who lives with whom), and the resources and demands that families place on individuals in ways that impact health.


1-2 Most Significant Publications

1)    Krueger PM, Bhaloo T, and Rosenau PV. Health lifestyles in the US and Canada: are we really so different? Social Science Quarterly, forthcoming, 2009.

2)    Krueger PM, and Chang V. Being poor and coping with stress: health behaviors and the risk of death. American Journal of Public Health 98:889-96, 2008.


Primary Focus Area (if part of the obesity initiative)

·         Weight Management


Secondary Focus Areas (if part of the obesity initiative)

·         Metabolic dysregulation and co-morbidities

·         Developmental origins of obesity


Benefit of CNRU

I have only recently joined the University of Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center (as of August 2009), and as such, I have not yet had an opportunity to make systematic use of the CNRU. Nevertheless, I expect that I will enjoy ## benefits of participating in the CNRU in the coming year.

            First, the CNRU will facilitate and enhance interaction and collaboration with other CNRU investigators. Second, the pilot project program provides an additional mechanism for initiating collaboration with other faculty and laying the groundwork for seeking independent funding. Third, the administrative core will also help when submitting and managing independent funding.


CNRU Cores Used

Administrative, Energy Balance


CNRU Collaborations

None yet.

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