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Metabolomics refers to technologies that detect and quantify the low- molecular weight molecules or metabolites (constituents of the metabolome) produced by active, living cells under different conditions and times in their life cycles. The metabolomics facility offers IDDRC investigators the opportunity to analyze genotype-phenotype as well as genotype-envirotype relationships. The following metabolomic technologies are available through the Cancer Center's core:
High-resolution one-dimensional metabolic analysis (including 1H-, 13C-, and 31P-NMR analysis). Over 50 metabolites are quantified simultaneously from a single tissue biopsy/cell extract:

  • From 1H-NMR: neuronal markers, such as neurotransmitters, amino acids, ketone body, and lipid metabolism;
  • From 13C-NMR: glucose and fatty acid fluxes;
  • From 31P-NMR: high-energy phosphates and phospholipid precursors.
High-resolution two-dimensional NMR analysis (2D-COSY, NOESY, HSQC) for structural elucidation of metabolites (see above for the list of metabolites, or identification of unknown metabolites).
Metabolomics Core Website
Video of Metabolomics Core
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