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Kevin Bogart

Lab Technician / Physician Assistant Student

Kevin Bogart

Not to sound redundant but I, like everyone else in this lab, felt a strong draw to science as a career at a young age. I believe this was due to my natural curiousity of the world around me and what has developed into the love of learning how to correctly and scientifically search for the answers. My research interests began in college as I focused my education in Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Since college I have worked as a research scientist in a variety of labs working on everything from classical Drosophila Genetics to High throughput Genomics. I moved to Denver from Bloomington, IN in 2006 to help Virginia begin her lab. Working with Virginia has been a great collaboration, she is a great and passionate scientist and a wonderful coworker.

When I am not at work I feed my love of the wonderful outdoors we have near Denver. My passions include Skiing, Road Biking, Running, and socializing with friends. I have one "child," a sassy cat named Humphrey. I am currently a fulltime student in the University of Colorado School of Medicine Physician Assistant program and am happy to continue working in Virginia's lab until I graduate in 2010.