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Informatics Fellows Program

​The Informatics Fellows program in the RNA Bioscience Initiative provides training in RNA bioinformatics at the postdoctoral level.

Program details are available at this link.

As part of the RNA Biosciences Initiative, Informatics Fellows will be identified to support computational analysis of data generated by and in collaboration with the center. The ideal candidates for Fellows are people who have recently finished a Ph.D. and want to gain significant experience in computational analysis of RNA sequencing data. The Informatics Fellow positions will be for 2 years, with the possibility to extend to a 3rd year. Salaries will be commensurate with experience, but will be above NIH payscale for postdocs.

The team of Informatics Fellows will be mentored by Jay Hesselberth, PhD. A major role of the analysts is to support informatic analysis of grants given out by the Center to other investigators.  This arrangment a unique opportunity to be involved in a variety of different projects and gain diverse computational expertise, as well as an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a variety of different projects.

As a group the Fellows will also work together to develop useful software for the community. Fellows will also be responsible for developing and teaching coursework, including the Genome Analysis Workshop and short-courses on specific methods during the summer. Finally the Fellows will have free time (20%) to work on projects of their own that benefit the mission of the center. At the end of their tenure, fellows will have opportunities to liase with companies in the region to identify stable careers in RNA informatics.