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Research Funding

Research Grants

RNA Bioscience Initiative Grant Program

2016-2017 seed grants have been awarded to these 9 recipients. The next award will be announced in late Spring 2017.

Purpose and Overview

The RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus seeks to establish and support outstanding RNA-focused research, to include basic science, translational, and clinical studies. Towards that goal, the RBI seeks to fund exciting new research projects that push the leading edge of RNA-focused research. We anticipate that both multiple- and single-PI grants of different budget sizes will be awarded in multiple rounds over the next 4-5 years.

In this first round of grant awards, the RBI will fund a number of investigator-initiated projects. Diverse RNA-focused topics and varied approaches will be supported. In this round, the RBI is particularly interested in projects using high-throughput sequencing methods and bioinformatics tools, but proposals focused on other methods that address the topics outlined below are encouraged.

The RBI will fund two types of grants in this cycle:

  1. Research Project Grants (up to $50,000) will support RNA-centric studies of important basic or clinically-focused questions. Proposals that address the First Round Key Topics listed below are encouraged to apply. We are particularly interested in proposals that use single cell RNA sequencing methods, or new high resolution methods to study RNA transcription, processing and translation.
  2. Bioinformatics Grants (variable budgets) will provide support for analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. The RBI has begun hiring analysts at the postdoctoral level who will consult with award recipients on their projects and implement analytical approaches. These awards are intended to support both analysis of existing sequencing data, or can be awarded to supplement analysis of data generated by the Research Grants.

First Round Program Key Topics

Using cutting-edge RNA analysis tools and other methods to:
  1. Rapidly assess the efficacy of treatment for treating cancers and other major diseases.
  2. Understand the role of RNA processing abnormalities (such as aberrant splicing) in disease states.
  3. Understand the biology of RNA viruses, host sensing of viral RNAs, and role of RNAs in infectious disease.
  4. Identify RNAs of novel function whose dysregulation leads to disease.
  5. Find or understand functionally important non-coding RNAs, RNA biomarkers, and post-transcriptional modifications in RNAs.


Travel Awards

The RNA Bioscience Initiative will provide support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend scienctific meetings, such as those listed on the RNA Society's Conferences Page.


Applications for Travel Awards are accepted on a rolling basis. The following materials should be emailed to with the Subject line: "Application for Travel Award."

  • Description of the meeting
  • Requested funds
  • Topic to be presented