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Research Funding

Research Grants

                      RNA Bioscience Initiative Grant Program

                                                 The next awards will be announced in late Spring 2019

                2018-2019 RNA Bioscience Initiative Grant Programs


The RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus seeks to support RNA biology research and the use of RNA-seq and its analysis to enhance basic science, translational, and clinical studies. Towards that goal, the RBI has four Grant Programs available for 2018-2019.  Grant Program descriptions, deadlines, and application guidelines are provided below. Questions regarding the grant program should be directed to


Grant Programs

1.    Single Cell RNA-seq Program

2.    RNA-seq Program

3.    RNA Biology Program

4.    Bioinformatics Support Program


Description of Grant Programs

Single Cell RNA-seq Program

The Single Cell RNA-seq Program aims to support preliminary Single Cell RNA-seq experiments to test the feasiblity of novel avenues of research that will support future extramural grant applications. These awards provide funds to carry out Single Cell RNA-seq runs and their bioinformatic analysis. 


RNA-seq Program

The RNA-seq Program aims to support RNA-seq experiments to test the feasiblity of novel avenues of research that will support future extramural grant applications These awards provide funds cover library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic support.


RNA Biology Program

The RNA Biology Program aims to support RNA biology research with awards of up to $50,000  to address fundamental aspects of RNA biogenesis or function, the contribution of RNAs and their binding proteins to gene regulation in normal or disease processes and the development of novel RNA based technologies.  Note this program will not support projects whose aims are fully addressed by conventional RNA-seq. Such projects would be supported by the RNA-seq or Single-Cell RNAseq programs.


Bioinformatics Support Program

The Bioinformatic Support Program aims to provide RNA bioinformatic support through the RBI Bioinformatic Fellows. These grants do not provide monetary budgets.


                                    Travel Awards

The RNA Bioscience Initiative will provide support for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend scienctific meetings, such as those listed on the RNA Society's Conferences Page.


Applications for Travel Awards are accepted on a rolling basis. The following materials should be emailed to with the Subject line: "Application for Travel Award."

  • Description of the meeting
  • Requested funds
  • Topic to be presented