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The RNA Bioscience Initiative Newsletter

Fall 2018


About The RNA Bioscience Initiative

The mission of the RNA Bioscience Initiative (RBI) is to create and expand a vibrant center of discovery  
​and innovation in RNA research (


About RNA

Genes in DNA code for proteins. Proteins in large part are what make up cells. Genes in DNA are first copied into RNA which are them translated or decoded into proteins. Some RNAs, called nom-coding RNAs, do not encode proteins and play important roles in cells.​



About RNA Therapy

The discovery, characterization, and action of new types of RNA and their cellular functions has has enabled the development of new RNA-based tools that mimic or antagonize the function of these novel RNAs for RNA-based strategies to generate new types of therapeutics in a variety of diseases.​


New RBI Faculty

The RNA Bioscience Initiative was fortunate to attract a number of new outstanding faculty to the Anschutz Medical Campus. The new faculty are (left to right in picture) Sujatha Jagannathan (mRNA surveillance in health and disease), Olivia Rissland (RNA stability and translation), Neelanjan Mukherjee (Systems biology of human RNA regulatory networks), Matthew Taliaferro (Subcellular RNA localization), and Srinivas Ramachandran (In vivo nucleosome structure and dynamics).

RBI Grants Programs

The RBI has initiated a variety of Grant Programs and support for new technologies (e.g., single cell RNA sequencing). $1.5 million have been allocated to these programs to date and the most recent awards were made this August. The current RBI Grant Programs include RNA Bioinformatics Support, Single-Cell RNA-seq Instrumentation and Awards, RNA-seq Awards, RNA Biology Awards, and support for the Department of Medicine Outstanding Early Career Scholars. For information on future awards, request to be added to the RBI-listserve by contacting We encourage applications from experienced investigators and newcomers to RNA Biology.

RBI Educational Programs

The RBI Educational Programs provide support for graduate students (the RNA Scholars), RBI informatics post-doctoral fellows, undergraduate summer intern research program, travel awards for students and post-doctoral fellows, RNA seminars, and a joint RNA Club with RNA researchers at UC Boulder called “An Evening with RNA”.

RNA Informatics

The RBI through the RBI Informatic Fellows program aims to provide support for RNA bioinformatics. The RBI Informatic Fellows are post-doctoral positions that encourage independent research while providing support for RNA informatics.