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Regulatory RNAs

Regulatory RNAs

​The goals of the Regulatory RNA group are to identify and elucidate new RNA regulatory mechanisms with the goal of examining these RNAs in basic biology and disease, bringing these discoveries into the clinic whenever possible.

The Regulatory RNA Group within the RNA Bioscience Initiative is grounded in investigation of the molecular mechanisms that regulate RNA biogenesis and the mechanisms by which non-coding RNAs exert control over an ever-expanding number of cellular activities, ranging from translation to chromatin modification to genome editing. 

Faculty participatng in the Regulatory RNA group currently have primary appointments in several departments and divisions in the School of Medicine.

Additional faculty will be recruited to enhance this research area.​

Dr. Jeffrey Kieft heads the Regulatory RNA group. ​   

Affiliated faculty include

Kristin Artinger, PhD - RNA Function in neural crest development

David Barton, PhDEnterovirus RNA replication

David Bentley, PhD - The coordination of transcription with chromatin modification, splicing, and mRNA 3' end formation. How mRNA production in cancer cells becomes corrupted bt abnormal coupling of these pathways

Richard Davis, PhD - Atypical expression during early development and small RNAs in programmed DNA elimination

Thomas Evans, PhD - RNA control of embryonic polarity

Heide Ford, PhD - RNA function in breast cancer

James Hagman, PhD - Regulation of B-lymphcyte specific differentiation

Jay Hesselberth, PhD - Experimental and computational approaches to study heterogeneity of RNA expression and processing among single cells. Currently developing approaches to 1) Understand misregualtion of mRNA splicing in cancer and 2) understanding how and why some cells respond differently to viral infection.

Sujatha Jagannathan, PhD - How cells detect and degrade abberant RNAs, and how dysregulation of this surveillance process contributes to muscular dystrophy

Aaron Johnson, PhD -  Molecular mechanisms of RNA-mediated epigenetic gene regulation in normal biology and metastatic breast cancer   

Peter Kabos, PhD - Breast cancer RNA metabolism​

Jeffrey Kieft, PhD - How RNAs form complex 3-D folds, the dynamic conformational changes they undergo, how these RNAs interact with other molecules, and how this drives diverse biological function in healthy and diseased cells. In particular, how viral RNAs manipulate host cell machinery

Sandy Martin, PhD - ​Mechanism of LINE-1 retrotransposition and differential gene expression during hibernation

Neelanjan Mukherjee, PhD - Mechanisms by which RNA binding proteins (RBPs) and long non-coding RNA (lncRNAs) regulate human steroid production. Use genomic approaches to identify the targets of RBPs or lncRNA and the layer of RNA regulation they control

Lee Niswander PhD – lncRNAs in development

Jennifer Richer, PhD - miRNAs in cancer

Olivia Rissland, PhD - RNA Stability and Translation

Matthew Taliaferro, PhD - Genome engineering, high-throughput sequencing, and single-molecule microscopy to study how RNA molecules are trafficked and localized to distinct subcellular locations

Linda van Dyk, PhDControl of growth regulation and differentiation of host cells in viral infection and persistence

Trevor Williams PhD - Small RNA expression during craniofacial development

Rui Zhao, PhD - Molecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing; drug design targeting transcriptional complex in breast cancer