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Modern biology has been revolutionized by the discovery that many processes of fundamental importance are regulated by RNA molecules. We continue to realize the potential of RNA regulatory mechanis​ms, illuminating biology and advancing medicine through development of new RNA therapeutics. Major knowledge gaps remain in the basic, diagnostic and therapeutic areas of RNA Bioscience, and much remains to be discovered about mechanisms of RNA regulation and their impact on biology and disease.​

The mission of the RNA Bioscience Initiative is to create and expand
a vibrant center of discovery and innovation in RNA research, diagnostics and therapy. Our goal is to provide a fluid pipeline from basic to clinical RNA research at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Spring 2019 RBI Grant Awardees

Congratulations to the Spring 2019 RBI Grant Awardees. Grants were awarded for RNA-Seq, Single Cell RNA-Seq, and the Bioinformatics Support Program.

Engel awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship Award through Cure SMA

Krysta Engel was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship Award through Cure SMA.

Ramachandran Awarded Pilot Award

Srinivas Ramachandran has been awarded an ACS-Institutional Research Grant through the University of Colorado Cancer Center.

Treating Disease at the RNA Level with Oligonucleotides

As research on the structure and function of RNAs has rapidly expanded, so too has the number of oligonucleotide drugs in clinical development that regulate RNA. This article describes several examples and suggests where the field is headed.

RNA Bioscience Initiative Newsletter

Read the Fall 2018 RNA Bioscience Newsletter to learn more about the RNA Bioscience Initiative, RNA, and RNA Therapy. You'll also meet the new RBI faculty, and find information about our grant programs, educational programs, and RNA informatics.


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