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Melanie Badtke

BS Biomedical Sciences (2004) Marquette University, Milwaukee

RC1 South, L18-7401

Phone: 303-724-3942

I am a fourth year graduate student in the Program in Reproductive Sciences and am completing my Ph.D. under the direction of Kathryn B. Horwitz, Ph.D. My research project focuses on breast cancer chemotherapeutic treatment and how hormone receptors influence tumor response to them. Estrogen and progesterone receptor positivity have long been positive breast cancer prognostic markers, however, how these two hormone receptors impact chemotherapeutic treatment of breast cancers is not known. Our lab focuses on estrogen and progesterone receptors and their role in breast cancer spread and treatment.

Hippert MM, O'Toole PS, Thorburn A. Autophagy in cancer: good, bad, or both? Cancer Res. 2006 Oct 1;66(19):9349-51.

Outside of the lab I enjoy skiing, hiking and road biking with my husband and friends.