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Adrianne Stefanski

BA Biology, BS Psychology, (2009) Wayne State University, Detroit



RC1 North, P18-5401K


Phone: 303-724-1653

Rotation 1:  Dr. Twila Jackson's Lab

Rotation 2:  Dr. James McManaman's Lab

Rotation 3:  Dr. Virginia Winn's Lab

Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Virginia Winn

Current Research:

The Winn lab is interested in normal and abnormal human placentation. Currently, my research focus is on the study of preeclampsia using in vitro model systems and the development of a murine in vivo system of human placentation.​

Bachelor of Science​​

Wayne State University
Major: Psychology
Major: Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research Presentations at Conferences:​​​

  • Wayne State University Undergraduate Research Conference, Poster Presentation, November 2008
  • The College on the Problems of Drug Dependence, first author poster presentation, June 2008
  • Michigan Undergraduate Research Forum, poster presentation, May 2008
  • National Conference for Undergraduate Research, poster presentation, April 2008
  • Rodney Clark Memorial Poster Day for Undergraduate Research, Poster Presentation, March 2008
  • High School Symposium on the Sciences and Humanities hosted by WSU, oral presentation, March 2008
  • Wayne State University Undergraduate Research Conference, poster presentation, November 2007
  • ​​​

    During my free time I enjoy traveling, cooking, vegetarian food, learning Spanish, live music, and meeting new people. I am very interested in women's rights and social issues concerning women’s health. I like to craft and sew. And, I am always up for a game of “Guess who?” or Euchre.