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Clinical Informatics Core

Key to effective clinical informatics is the underlying infrastructure that supports interoperability.  Focusing on grid technologies, the COHO Clinical Informatics group collaborates to build a robust tool set to support community wide information exchange and research capacity.  Current COHO affiliated projects include Community engagement and PBRN research.

Dr. Lisa Schilling leads the Clinical Informatics Core within COHO.  She also leads the Scalable Architecture for Federated Therapeutic Inquiries Network (SAFTINet), a 3-year AHRQ funded project to develop comparative effectiveness research capacity to benefit safety-net stakeholders.  The project supports building a scalable infrastructure with participating safety-net providers and Medicaid agencies n CO, UT and TN.  Dr. Schilling is a general internist at University Hospital.

Dr. Michael Kahn leads the Colorado Clinical Translational Science Institute Research Informatics Core (CCTSI).  Translational informatics helps turn research data into knowledge using informatics tools, into a learning community.  Dr. Kahn also leads the Department of Clinical Informatics at The Children's Hospital and has extensive experience building research databases from clinical data. 

Dr. Art Davidson leads Public Health Informatics at Denver Public Health, Denver Health.  COHO was the recipient of an AHRQ-funded contract in which Dr. Davidson led foundational work for the statewide health information excahange (CORHIO).  He works with CORHIO and other research colleagues bringing extensive public health and health care informatics expertise.