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James Maller, Professor - EMERITUS

Ph.D. (1974), University of California at Berkeley





Contact Info:

Molecular Biology
University of Colorado

James Maller, Ph.D.  Research One South
(RC1-South), Room 10122 Phone: 303-724-1623


Dr. Maller's laboratory studies the molecular regulation of decision points in the cell cycle during which commitments are made to enter DNA synthesis or mitosis.  Both checkpoint decisions are regulated by integrated signals that control the activity of protein kinases and phosphatases which regulate the phosphorylation state of key enzymes.  The overall goal is to learn how the cellular decision to proceed in the cell cycle is elaborated at these decision points.  Dr. Maller is also interested in signal transduction pathways that utilize sequential phosphorylation and activation of several protein kinases, resulting in a cascade of signaling modules important for growth control and integrated cellular function.


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