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HI³ News

CU Anschutz to Partner with New Allen Institute for Immunology - CU Anschutz Today​

HI3 members Kevin Deane, MD, PhD, and Michael Holers, MD, will lead a collaboration with colleagues at the University of California San Diego​. The fundamental goal of the research program is to identify novel mechanisms by which rheumatoid arthritis develops so that the disease can be halted before symptoms begin, and if not, reversed to the normal state once arthritis begins... Full story​



​Cancer immunotherapy pioneers win medicine Nobel | Science ...

Discoveries about ways to harness the immune system to attack cancer have won the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. James Allison of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in ...​ Full story​

​Insight into Immune Cell Fuel Could Improve Vaccinations ...

Ross Kedl and Jared Klarquist explain why new data on how some vaccines fuel the immune response could improve treatments for cancer and chronic disease. / Matthew Kaskavitch, University of Co​lorado Anschutz Medical Campus Immune T cells produced in response to a vaccination package of viral ... Full story

​​DOM Announces 2018 Outstanding Early Career Scholars

Congratulations HI3 member Kristi Kuhn, Traci Lyons and Beth Tamburini! 
Full story

Terry J. Fry, M.D. - Co-Director of the Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative

The University of Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado) are pleased to announce that Terry J. Fry, M.D., one of the leading cancer researchers.... Full story

​A study underway at UCHealth University of Colorado Cancer....

The UCHealth University of Colorado Cancer Center - Anschutz Medical Campus is part of the latest clinical trial testing a new and promising line of attack against.... Full story

​Harnessing the Power of the Human Immune System

Building a strong base for immunology and immunotherapy research

Transformational Research Award

The Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Initiative was started with a $20 million dollar award from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. Full story