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Human Immune Monitoring Shared Resource

Welcome to the HIMSR website! The HIMSR provides standardized, cutting-edge immune monitoring assays at the genomic, proteomic and cellular level. We also strive to partner with the research community to develop, test and implement new technologies for human immune monitoring.


The mission of the Huma​n Immune Monitoring Shared Resource is to facilitate clinical and translational studies that aim to dissect mechanisms of immunopathogenesis and identify novel disease-specific biomarkers with diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The HIMSR team offers expert experimental design support on projects and the discussion of appropriate research endpoints and assays.
The HIMSR provides standardized, state-of-the-art peripheral blood and tissue sample processing, and immune monitoring assays at the genomic, proteomic, and cellular level.  The assays offered include immune phenotype and function characterization by flow cytometry and mass cytometry, multicolor fluorescence tissue imaging, multiplex cytokine analysis, DNA/RNA sequencing, TCR/BCR sequencing, and cellular functional assays (in vitro killing, proliferation, intracellular cytokines, etc). The HIMSR also supports the integration of data from these immune monitoring assays with clinical data, including archiving, data mining, bioinformatics and statistical analysis. 
The HIMSR partners with the research community to discuss appropriate research endpoints and assays, to coordinate investigators with available statisticians and bioinformaticians to assist in study design and data analysis, and to test and develop new technologies for immune monitoring.
The HIMSR will continually strive to provide comprehensive immune monitoring services using reliable, standardized, and technically advanced assays.