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Denver Genetic Laboratories

Organic Acid Screen, Qualitative, Urine

Clinical Test Information - CHCO Biochemical Genetics Laboratory


CPT Code:


Test Includes:

All nonamino organic acids.


Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1700.

Turnaround Time:

5 - 7 days.

Minimum Volume:

2.0 mL.

Specimen Handling:

Random urine, morning specimen preferred.  Refrigerate or freeze without preservative.

Interpretive Reference Range:

Subjective interpretation based on identity and pattern of organic acids.


Diagnosis of organic acidemias.


Gas chromatography with peak identification by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Additional Information:

A variety of inherited disorders result in organic aciduria. These include maple syrup urine disease, propionic acidemia, methylmalonic acidemia, glutaric acidemia and isovaleric acidemia. Indications for organic acid screening include acute disease in infancy, especially if associated with acidosis, hyperammonemia or hypoglycemia, Reye's syndrome, syndrome of ataxia, alopecia and seborrhic rash, progressive or static extrapyramidal movement disorder in childhood, and anion gap metabolic acidosis.