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Denver Genetic Laboratories

Amino Acid Screen, Qualitative, Urine (includes cystine screen)

Clinical Test Information - CHCO Biochemical Genetics Laboratory


CPT Code:


Test Includes:

Qualitive screen of all amino acids, including cystine.

Please note: Qualitative screen does not provide numeric concentration values.


Monday - Friday, 0800 - 1700.

Turnaround Time:

2 - 10 days.

Minimum Volume:

2.0 mL.

Specimen Handling:

Random urine, morning specimen preferred.  Refrigerate or freeze without preservative.

Interpretive Reference Range:

Subjective interpretation.


Screening for inborn errors of amino acid metabolism.


Urines that are too dilute can not be evaluated.


Paper chromatography and cyanide-nitroprusside test for sulfhydryls and disulfides.

Additional Information:

Excretion of certain amino acids is increased in several aminoacidemias, such as phenylketonuria and maple syrup urine disease, and in inherited and aquired disorders of the proximal renal tubule.