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Functionality Needs Assessment

​​This tool will help you identify what features you will need in your text messaging platform and can be used in conjunction with the SMS System Feature Checklist and Guide.

1. What type of system will you be interfacing with?

  • None
  • Spreadsheet/data application such as Excel
  • EHR or PHR

2. What type of messaging will you be using?

  • One way, outgoing messages only
  • Outgoing and incoming, 2-way messaging
  • 2-way with customized responses
    • Tailored responses requiring branching
    • Personalized responses

3. What are your needs regarding timing of messages?
  • None
  • Requires scheduling
  • Requires message staggering
  • Requires message queuing

4. What type of data will you be collecting?
  • ​Messaging statistics 
    • ​number of messages sent/received
    • times sent
    • number of messages bounced
    • Other__________________________________
  • Responses
    • Closed ended
    • Text typed by respondent

5. How will you manage your groups?
  • Opt-in: Participants will initiate a text to join
  • Opt-out: Participants will be added from a list and given the option to stop

6. What type of number will the message be sent from?
  • Short code (shared or dedicated)
  • Long code

7. Level of security will you need in your system?
  • ​Minimal: the program will not transmit protected health information
  • Requires secure system: the program will transmit protected health information