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Selecting a Text Messaging Vendor

​Selecting​​ a Text Messaging Applicati​on

If after assessing your needs for a text messaging system you decide to use an off-the-shelf application, you will need to select a product and vendor to work with. The services that SMS vendors offer vary, so researching different options will help you find the right company for your project.  Information on specific vendors can be found on company websites.

Questions for ​application vendors

  • What are the set-up and service costs?
  • Is 2-way texting available?
  • What level of customization and other functions are available?
  • What is the interfacing compatibility with other data systems?
  • What is the Interfacing compatibility with gateway providers?
  • What Message tracking ability and audit recording is available?
  • What is the security of data stored on the vendor’s system?
  • Can the system accommodate multiple users?
  • How is the system backed up?
  • What is the availability and cost technical support services?

Selecting​ an SMS Gateway Provider

Using an SMS Gateway provider is usually very simple. Providers generally offer either a credit-based program, requiring prepayment for a set number of messages or a pay-per-use program, which charges per message sent.

  • Question​​s for gateway providers
  • What is the cost per message sent?
  • Are there any other costs?
  • What are the payment options?
  • What is the availability and cost technical support services?
  • Is there a monthly minimum for credit purchase requirement?
  • Is there an expiration period for credits purchased?
  • Can you test the system at no charge?
  • What is the quality of the SMS gateway’s network coverage?
  • Is the SMS gateway compatible with the application/interface you are using?
  • Where will the data be stored?
  • How are the​ accounts and availability of remaining credits managed?


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