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Training and Education

Training and educating researchers and clinicians in implementation science is a key objective for CRISP. Our education framework covers 4 domains:


Domains​ Key Questions Topics

Theory and Strategies How should we CONCEPTUALIZE implementation behavior change?

Diffusion of innovation; systems thinking; organizational theory; communication theory; social networks; marketing

​Community and Stakeholder Engagement ​How should we ENGAGE with our "consumers and customers" across the implementation life cycle? ​5 P's: Patients and Public, Providers, Purchases, Payers, and Policy Makers

Tools and Approaches Which TOOLS and APPROACHES work best in which SETTINGS?

​Tools: digital and social media; health information technologies; policy setting

Settings: health care; community and public health; schools; populations with health disparities

Evaluation:Design and Analysis ​How should we MEASURE the effectiveness of our implementation strategies.

​Design: pragmatic trials, qualitative and mixed methods, health services and economic evaluations

Internal and external validity; intervention fidelity; intervention sustainability



 Currently we offer:



The CRISP educational framework is adapted from: